Social media real estate

By CRAIG DONOFRIO, Contributing Writer

Social media. Few phrases are enough to elicit a deep sigh from even the most personable real estate professionals. But building your online brand doesn’t have to be confusing or time consuming. Nor do you need to run the entire gamut of social media platforms for a high-quality social media presence. With just a bit of diligence, creativity and – perhaps most importantly – persistence, you’ll be getting walk-ins and calls from people who may have gone elsewhere.

As your home loan partners, the licensed loan officers at loanDepot’s Retail Lending division are here to provide useful tips and answer any questions you may have about attracting new customers.

Follow these five helpful strategies to boost your social media presence:

  1. Use pictures (and video) frequently in social media

A listing with great photos attracts more eyeballs than one with poor photos — the same goes for a post or tweet. Choose your best listing photo and upload it to your preferred platform. Instagram is a great place to post colorful photos, or use Instagram Stories to showcase an entire open house. Or create an album of current listings and past listings on Facebook to show clients you know where to find great homes.

Oh, and if you have video – even better! A well-done video offers more engagement for customers than a photo. But keep videos short. Data show that videos between 15 to 30 seconds perform the best on Facebook.

  1. Hashtags are good – but be realistic

Some trending hashtags can be used by anyone for just about anything – for example, you could insert #FridayFeeling into just about any post. But chances are slim that someone is looking for a house in your market and looking through hashtags. Optimize your tweets and Instagram posts to extend your reach. Here are some real estate-related hashtags that might work well for your business.

  1. Congratulate your clients via social media

A vital part of having an exceptional social media presence is letting everyone know that you’re a real person working with real people. And the best way to do that is after closing day, when your clients have their dream home and everyone is happy. Ask if you can take a photo of your clients at their new front door, or stage a nice photo somewhere inside the home. Be sure not to expose the property’s address. ), then tag and congratulate them on your preferred social channels. Keep in mind that you are using these posts to help find new listings, so an investment in a professional photographer may be worth the effort. The more you can illustrate you turn wishful buyers into proud homeowners, the better.

  1. Going beyond real estate

When you’re browsing tweets or Instagram posts, are you more inclined to click on a shameless self-promotion or something that’s just interesting for the sake of being interesting?

  1. Show your local expertise

If you spot a really cool house in the area, don’t be afraid to post a picture, compliment the house and tag the agent. The more you can showcase your area – even if you’re a seller’s agent and the homes aren’t yours – it shows potential clients you really know your area. Likewise, comment on local happenings and promote nearby charitable events. Most local restaurants and charities are appreciative of the support and will thank your and/or share your post or tweet, further extending your exposure.

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