By loanDepot Staff Writers

Right now it’s a sellers market but what if your house isn’t generating the interest you feel it should? In times like these, it can be tough to spot flaws that are driving would-be buyers away.

Most homebuyers have a difficult time envisioning a home’s potential. They expect a home to be move-in ready, and even the smallest issue can be a deterrent.

At loanDepot’s Retail Lending division, our licensed loan officers want to ensure you and your clients are doing everything possible to attract positive attention to your listing. Here are six ways to avoid making buyers scream:

  1. Eliminate foul odors: If your clients are smokers or pet owners, they may not even realize their house smells badly. It is not uncommon for buyers to walk into a home and immediately turn around and leave. As a real estate professional, it’s important not to offend your sellers, so approach this issue carefully. Explain how new carpet or a fresh coat of paint can help eliminate a stench.
  2. Use a professional photographer: As we know, the vast majority of homebuyers use the internet to search for homes. Hence, web appeal is the new curb appeal. Instead of snapping a few pics of your new listing on a smartphone, consider investing time and money into a professional photographer who can ensure the home makes a good first impression.
  3. Remove grime and filth: Not much turns off a homebuyer faster than a dirty house. Sellers should make a concerted effort to get their home in tiptop shape. Spend a few hundred dollars to hire a cleaner and landscaper to make that happen. A filthy home not only reflects poorly on the seller, but also you as the agent.
  4. Change out old wallpaper: While wallpaper is making a comeback, buyers will hate outdated designs. Since wallpaper is extremely personalized and can be difficult to remove, it just adds another chore for the future homeowner. Eliminating that issue before putting the home on the market can help expedite the selling process.
  5. Declutter and stage the home: Shopping for a home is like shopping for clothes. Buyers want to make sure the home fits. If your seller’s personal items are cluttering up a space, potential buyers may have a hard time envisioning the home as their own. Staging is a popular way to play to the buyer’s style. And while it can be expensive, the ROI is almost always worth the added expense.
  6. Leave during open houses: In general, homebuyers don’t appreciate it when the sellers are lurking as they walk through a home, eavesdropping on their conversations and making unwanted comments. As an agent, it is your job to know the property inside and out so you can answer any questions a buyer may have. It is true that open houses can be a nuisance to your sellers, but asking them to make themselves scarce during the showings may help put buyers at ease.

Your colleagues at loanDepot’s Retail Lending division are here to answer any questions you may have. Click here to find your local licensed loan officer.