real estate professional

By AARON CROWE, Contributing Writer

As a real estate pro, you want to be a magnet for homebuyers. The go-to agent. The one Realtor drawing reams of referrals.

How to create your corner on the market? Find a niche. Know your neighborhood. Become an expert on certain houses. Own the internet.  As an agent, you want to stand out as a specialist to clients.

Your colleagues at loanDepot’s Retail Lending division are here to help you expand your business. Here are six ways to find a specialty that will help home sellers and buyers:

Explore your excitement

Chances are your passion is someone else’s passion, too. If you’ve sold antiques, then using that skill to help people sell their antique homes could be a specialty people would seek in a real estate professional.

Same goes for golf. If you swing a mean club, your expertise could help golfers find neighborhoods near the links.

Pick a specific geographic area

Every seller wants to know if you’ve sold a property like theirs. Take Cape Cod.  The Massachusetts resort hub has unique features, and when you learn about them, you can let buyers in on every corner. Study about an area and position yourself as its best real estate agent.

Spot demographic trends

The U.S. Census offers all sorts of data showing population shifts and ages.  Take advantage of that information for your clients.

Looking to sell to retirees? Sumter County, Fla., for example, is the only one in America with a population mostly 65 or older, according to Census data. The bureau also has maps showing where metro populations have changed, providing a possible city niche if more people are moving to your area.

Make your niche a service that turns out to be big

If you want to remain a generalist, you could still distinguish yourself with a niche that’s small but pivotal. Try these actions to place you above the crowd:

  • Help homebuyers move in by offering them a free rental truck.
  • Provide maid cleaning service to help prepare the home.
  • Come through with meal delivery for a month while clients get settled.

When people hear about how you stand out, more customers will line up.

Be an online resource

Whatever specialty you choose, use it online so people learn more about the subject. With a memorable website address and information about your niche – such as luxury homes or green housing – you can turn the site into a go-to place for homebuyers and sellers.

Multiply your area of expertise

If you’re well-versed in a variety of areas, promote them as separate niches. Be sure to SEO optimize your website and tag your blog content to your specific audiences so that they may find you through organic search. Also, target your online advertising to attract these specific audiences.

You may want to stay a generalist with an expertise in many areas, giving you a chance to appeal to a range of clients. That could lead to more clients in the long run.

For more information, contact your colleagues at loanDepot’s Retail Lending division at (877) 431-0100.